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Gabriella Isabelle
Let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic

Just a regular day trippin, music creatin', n yoga practicing gardener, who loves to ride her bike round da town eryday !~~

after hours..

after a certain hour
Things just start to feel a bit unreal, like I’m completing actions and doing things without much thought and honestly it kinda feels euphoric

Happy new years eve world!

Your only as good as the company you keep and the reefer you chief !

My happiness wasnt an illusion….i know i felt all those things,
I can remember the feeling of falling further away from my personality, i just never imagined it was going to end up like i am now.
MY closest family members see it. They say i have changed.
I need in all levels to work on my happiness. PLease, powers from up above, send me the makings for happpiness again. Thats all I ask for